Borough Of Gettysburg
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NOTE: Please carefully record license plate information on your application, using only letters and numbers without any punctuation symbols, to avoid a parking violation.

Scroll through the list of Parking Permits/Passes available for purchase to the left. Please note that each Parking Permit/Pass is specific to the event or purpose for which you are purchasing the Parking Permit/Pass (i.e. The Parking Permit/Pass is only valid for the specific period of time for which it is intended to be used). Please note that the Start Date and End Date on the table at left refer to the dates that the permits are available for purchase.

Once you find the desired Parking Permit/Pass, Select the Parking Permit/Pass by clicking once on the green button under the 'Register' column. This action will select the desired Parking Permit/Pass and advance you to the next step in the purchasing process.
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